So Star Wars is great and all, and I’m aware that you might be thinking I’m expecting more of Star Wars than Star Wars is prepared to be, but is anybody else decidedly unthrilled by what they’ve (left un)done with Leia’s character? Don’t get me wrong. Leia is a gift. But they made a promise […]

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 was to actually finish the novel that all English majors have in progress somewhere on their computers. Mine has been on my computer in bits and pieces for a little over 5 years. My goal: reach a make-or-break point where I would either a) let it go […]

If you’re looking at the Church year as a cycle where months correspond to hours, we are literally at the eleventh hour. We’re one day after All Saints Day, commemorating the souls of the dead on a day of Church-wide mourning. We’re two and a half weeks before the last Sunday of the Church year, […]

One Saturday morning this past June, I was unassumingly checking my Facebook feed when it – full of nerds, bless – exploded with the news that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor would be followed by a woman. Gasp, shock, horror, delight, etc.!  I’d been checked out of Doctor Who for a while – Steven Moffat had jumped […]

When I was an English major in college, I stumbled across my perfect book. It wasn’t a perfect book by any means, but it was one that spoke to me on a soul-deep level about the nature of art. Namely, that we are all artists; that our lives themselves and our callings are our art; and […]

It was a dark and stormy day when I, burned on Roman Baroque, searched out and found the one (non-Italian) Gothic-style church in Rome on the banks of the Tiber. The delightful, creepy, and unexpected non-architectural treasure? The Museo delle anime del purgatorio. The Purgatory museum was fascinating to Protestant-me, featuring everyday items like prayerbooks, […]